The Film


This documentary tells the story of how a partnership of youth and adults helped their community overcome its 21st century racism. The film opens with a racial incident in January 2003 and the community’s initial response. It continues to trace the community over the next seven years: how tension in the community rose, how a group of young people began to speak out and have the hard discussions about race that adults were putting off, and how an innovative youth-adult partnership helped the community break out of its denial and solve its problems.

The film incorporates historical documents, archival footage and evaluation data.  Interviewees include students, parents, teachers, administrators, police officers and elected officials. The story of social change is told in residents’ own words and is bigger than any one person.  By tethering abstract themes around a concrete storyline, the film offers an abundance of historical documentation for scholars to analyze; educators, youth, youth workers and community activists to learn from; and every viewer to be inspired by.  Those who have seen the film have called it “phenomenal,” “groundbreaking,” and something “every student should see.”

Where you can watch the film

We made this film to document our community’s struggle, not to make a profit. We hope others can learn from it, so we are offering it free of charge.You have four options:

  1. Watch the film in its entirety on YouTube.
  2. Watch the film on your local community television network station, or request the station to air it.
  3. Set up a screening at your school or organization. Contact us for details.
  4. For those who will be using the film in an educational setting and can afford it, we ask you to purchase a copy from Amazon for $10.

Film Details

Title: From the Community to the Classroom
A youth-directed documentary of how Davis young people led their community closer toward educational equity.
Cliff Garibay
Assistant Director: Ryan Gonzales
Executive Producer: Jann Murray-Garcia, M.D., M.P.H.
Producer: Daniel Tkach
Interviewer: Andrew Bruch

Run Time: 72 minutes

Film Screenings

The film has been screened at dozens of events, including:

  • Local schools (Holmes Junior High School, Emerson, Harper, Davis Senior High School)
  • University of California, Davis
  • California State University Sacramento
  • Sacramento City College
  • California State Legislature
  • Yolo County Office of Education
  • Capital Region Equity Summit
  • Davis Film Festival
  • Whitesands Film Festival

Contact us if you would like to set up screening at your school or community.

Film Help

We relied on the generous support of Davis Media Access, a nonprofit community media center that offered technical training and equipment. We received partial funding from grants from Teaching Tolerance of the Southern Poverty Law Center and from the Sierra Health Foundation, and paid for the rest out of the film’s development out of pocket.

Davis Media Access     Teaching Tolerance     Sierra Health Foundation

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